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New Wealth: How people get rich in India?

Two weeks ago Forbes magazine published the list of richest people of the planet in 2017– billionaires. There were 101 Indian billionaires among them at its record number historically which added twenty two new names in the last two years, it means every past 33 days brought a new Indian billionaire to the list, and mostly self-made entrepreneurs.
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A New Look at Old Wealth

The research has been conducted by Ahmadoff & Company for high net worth individuals, their heirs and families; the private wealth community, including family offices, private shareholders and other focused stakeholders. The report contains an analysis of profiles of the those individuals contained in the 1996 Forbes magazine billionaires list.
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Global Financial Leaders

This report has been prepared by Ahmadoff Wealth Management for global banking community, including senior executives, shareholders and other governance focused stakeholders. The report contains an analysis of personal profiles of the Chairpersons of the Board of Directors at the largest banks in the world.
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