Family services

Family services

Talking about your money from an early point in your relationship can short circuit aggravation and bad financial habits before a small problem becomes a big one. Ahmadoff Woman advisers will harmonize your financial affairs in different cycles of life... If you must confront the breakdown of your marriage or any other conflict involving your family, every decision that you make is crucial.

You must have total confidence in your financial, legal and also life issues. You need an advisory firm with extensive experience in all aspects of family finance and law, led by interdisciplinary specialists who are known for professional excellence and highly regarded in the family wealth issues.
At Ahmadoff, our commitment to excellence shows in our careers, and in our record. The wealth advisors at Ahmadoff handle complex issues of divorce and post-divorce cases, including time-sharing (formerly "custody" and "visitation"), asset and property distribution, alimony, and child support.
Our team can provide services in the pre-divorce planning stage, as well, and in drafting premarital agreements. In working with our clients and fashioning confidential settlements we apply the highest professional standards and respectful approach to resolving an emotional life changing event. Our advisors work in close cooperation with our clients’ other professionals such as accountants, counselors or lawyers.


Marriage is more than dedication of parties in relationship, it has also an important legal outcomes, which may affect future financial flows and asset ownership. Ahmadoff Woman wealth advisors help clients to reveal whole material assets and their legal status at the initial stage and to design asset structuring devices in order to position the private capital depending on the behavioural patterns of the couples. We add our specialist financial, behavioural and legal knowledge together to ascertain goals and offer individual planning solution.


Money has a well-deserved reputation for being able to drive a wedge into even the strongest relationships.Separating or divorcing couples often face a major financial and behavioural transformation, whereas it brings new situation by different dimensions, sometimes being too emotional may create adverse outcomes to the overall result. Ahmadoff Woman wealth advisors help clients to avoid such situations by providing tailored expert view of the happenings and delivering cross-border solutions if needed.


Ultimately, balancing the financial and emotional needs of blended families is no easy task. Proper planning can help remove some obstacles to harmony within the blended family. If you have — or are about to become — a blended family, talk to us. We will offer you options that might unique for your situation or common ways such as life-interest trusts providing income to you and your spouse during your life-time but capital to your children, or life insurance products that would transfer proceeds of insurance to your children, and so others.


Modern world does not question wealthy childless women, oppositely creates ways to feel happier and stronger. Though reasons might be different such as longevity, an accident, change in traditional meaning of family, careers focus, etc., two main factors will play an important role attached to behavioral patterns in their lifetime: health and financials. We may act for our woman clients as an agent under a health care power of attorney and also as their protectors of wealth under fiduciary management.


In May-December relationships/marriages, there is a strong possibility one spouse will survive the other by many years. Typically it is an older man and a younger woman, although vice versa as well. Since women generally live longer than men, when it is the husband who is the older spouse, the estate planning issues are even more critical. No one wants to think about the death of someone they love – especially at the dizzy beginnings of a relationship but, you have to be realistic about life expectancy to come up with financial scenarios. We help our clients by facilitating discussions with parties and advising how to secure spouse's and his/her children's financial life under contingency.

We support you with:

  • Asset protection vehicles against forced heirship and spousal claims;
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial settlements and cohabitation agreements;
  • Financial planning in complex blended families and in second (and more) marriages;
  • Suitable wealth distribution options and vehicles for childless woman
  • Lifetime and post-mortem estate advisory in big-age difference relationships

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