Ahmadoff Woman

Ahmadoff Woman

Ahmadoff Woman is an unique desk serving to special needs of wealthy woman. It covers strategic points of that must be dealt with finance and wealth. 

Life encompasses many goals with different timelines and most have a financial aspect.

Living the life today is important - with a financial balance that reduces day to day stress and worry while allowing your focus to be on your vocational pursuits and having fun with family and friends.

While preparing for future goals which may include a larger home, a vacation home, children’s education, funding a sabbatical, hobbies, charitable contributions and the list goes on…

All the while taking advantage of opportunities to prepare for your financial independence – whatever that may look like in the future.

In terms of financial independence/ retirement, typically women will have more years in retirement than men due to longer life expectancies. Health care costs often are greater for women than men during all phases of life and especially during later life.

 What are your dreams and goals? We help you explore what you want your life to look like and how you can balance your dreams and goals throughout your life. We help you understand how your resources support your dreams. Our relationship is maintained throughout your life’s transitions, especially the unexpected, unplanned circumstances.

It is very beneficial to establish a relationship before the inevitable life changes and crises occur to have established your financial balance from which you have more choices. We serve clients whose individual circumstances are complex, shaped by a wide array of factors including occupation, age and family.

We publish Ahmadoff Woman Index and research reports to serve better and understand complex requirements. To receive these reports contact to your relationship manager or write to [email protected].

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