Family business

Family business

For years, the focus of family business centered on two issues with estates and management succession. Those  goals are far too limited for today's family firm. Today, the business is not only a tool for profit but self-expression, innovation and legacy for business families.

At the same time, family businesses have all the problems of a typical business by adding special problems that relate specifically to family issues. Such issues include business continuity, succession planning, family decision-making, business governance (roles of stockholders vs. board of directors vs. management), ownership issues, and family governance.
Successful family business, with its more inclusive structure can be an organic institution that changes and prospers with each generation of leadership. As Ahmadoff Family Office, we introduce our family business concept to meet this challenge. Our professionals have extensive experience with family owned businesses. Ahmadoff can help the family deal with these issues and specific problems they create. We offer a broad range of tips and success strategies to address the spectrum of unique and complex problems that impact family businesses experienced. Our experience covers family businesses from diverse cultures, religions, industry sectors and generations. If you have a problem that is threatening your family business, you have come to the right place for help according to leading family business experts of Ahmadoff Family Office.


The long-term success of a family enterprise often requires the recapitalization of the business through the purchase of inactive shareholders' stock or inject capital to compete in the market, change the business strategy by entering into a new industry or geographic area, or higher risk-taking. Ahmadoff wealth advisors help families to increase risk awareness of all decision-making family members and set dynamic limits to reduce short-termism in changing environment.


Many family businesses assume that the best way to prepare members of the next generation for work in the business is to move them through a series of different jobs over a period of time. We assist to build series of rotations and development path for both family and non-family members.


Large equity positions in privately held companies create a distinct set of considerations relative to publicly traded equity. Foremost of these concerns is liquidity. Owners of closely held private businesses need to be especially proactive in planning how to generate liquidity from their equity positions. Often, selling these shares is a process that can span multiple years or even generations. We help to strategically diversify concentrated equity risk.


Dividend policies should define criteria for dividend distributions, such as linking them to profitability levels, to keep potential competition among family factions from harming the business. Rather than being a source of conflict, thoughtful dividend policies can reinforce a family's values and goals for the business. We advise wealthy individuals and families how split shares and recognize and distribute dividends or capital reduction depending on jurisdiction the holding or company registered.

We support you with: 

  • Integration of planning for the needs and expectations of the family and the business systems
  • Utilizing the unique strengths of family business in developing a business strategy
  • Analyzing the internal and external environment forces that will influence future opportunities and threats
  • Implementing and reformulating Family Enterprise Continuity Plan
  • Developing risk management strategies for concentrated equity
  • Assessing the Senior Generation's liquidity needs and business's future capital needs
  • Strategic planning of assets and liabilities of family

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