If your definition of success includes using your wealth to make the world a better place. You want to give back to the community – whether it’s in your own backyard, or in a village halfway around the world. Our Philanthropic Services professionals will help you make charitable donations that get at the root causes of problems so that your giving will have a lasting impact.

Ahmadoff wealth advisors can help you accomplish some or all of these goals: leaving a legacy in your community and your family; transition your existing family foundation from charitable giving to strategic philanthropy; organizing and focusing your charitable giving to increase its impact; finding the most tax-efficient way of supporting your favorite causes; aligning your lifetime and legacy giving with your passions; be more strategic with your giving and many others.

Whether you prefer to be involved a lot — or a little — in the day-to-day activities of your charity, we offer skillful, proactive administration, backed by operational support to ensure that your intentions are well met.

We work with individuals and families who want to establish their own foundation, want to establish a fund at their local community foundation or need help in structuring a significant gift to their favorite charity.


Once you have taken a look at your values and done the visioning exercise, you may want to write a mission statement for your philanthropy. At a minimum, a mission statement is a short description of what you want to accomplish with your giving and why. It speaks to the question of how you are going to contribute to your vision of the future. It can be helpful at the outset to analyze your own reasons for giving: charitable giving, in this approach, a donor is focused on program impact and execution relative to the size of their gift without much focus on the structure and operation of the nonprofit organization in receipt of the gift; philanthropic investment, the donor focuses on the long-term improvement in the organization to which he or she gives to build up the nonprofit’s capacity to better provide services; strategic philanthropy, the donor invests in the organization as a means to realize a community or issue impact utilizing his or her own theory of change.


There are a variety of different tools a donor can utilize to make a charitable gift, such as individual gifts: - donating directly to a charity of your choice, private foundations - a fund established by an individual, family or corporation that is registered as a foundation in many jurisdictions or through giving circles - individuals pool their money and decide as a group which charities to support.


Few themes are constrained to one industry or geographical region, which is why traditional research will often uncover only part of a major trend. By identifying and understanding relationships across sectors and regions, thematic research can expose better implementation of philanthropic initiatives.


When developing your policy portfolio, we find it can be of great value to view your portfolio allocation in the context of philanthropic objectives. We put in place a strategic framework, but also use a nimble tactical allocation filter within reasonable risk management parameters.


An effective board of directors is essential for the non-profit organization to be successful. Our advisory may analyse and benchmark the characteristics of high performance boards, and discuss appropriate board structure, membership and processes. It addresses the importance of each director’s independence, competence and behavior.

We support you with:

  • Defining and clarifying goals;
  • Developing and evaluating a mission statement;
  • Exploring various giving options;
  • Consulting with tax and estate planning professionals to implement and maximize giving;
  • Defining grant-making guidelines and establishing due diligence procedures;
  • Developing procedures for grant distributions, post-grant evaluations and record-keeping;
  • Assisting with board governance policies, procedures and succession planning

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