Our clients are regularly confronted with the question of whether their organizational structure is best for achieving strategic objectives. We believe that consistency among organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, governance, and performance management systems are important for creating an aligned and engaged organization.

 Will a product-, channel-, geography-, or customer-focused structure be best for realizing the growth objectives? Which functions should be centralized or center-led, and which performed locally? Should the HR function be organized on the same pattern as Finance? Should you assemble a distributed or country-based structure? To which new structure should you transition to after a recent merger?

Whatever situation our clients face, we partner with them to define the right organizational structure and ensure implementation success.  We do so by taking a broad perspective, namely by making sure the organizational structure is aligned with the way processes, resources, and technological support will be set up and can be driven by the people forming the organization. Besides the organizational structure, we will pay close attention to adequately and clearly allocating roles and responsibilities, and to setting up the appropriate governance and performance management systems.


Organizational design involves decisions about the configuration of the formal organizational arrangements, including the formal structures, processes, and systems that make up an organization, namely, single family offices, multi-family offices, investment committees, foundations and holding companies that operate in different industries and geographic regions. Organizational designs are effective when they achieve a strategic fit. Ahmadoff wealth advisors can help you discover a new organizational model that fosters increased productivity, clear alignment to business strategies and fit-for-purpose organizational structures.


We provide the insight into executive experience, leadership capabilities, style and aptitudes, as well as culture and team dynamics, that enable better leadership decisions at important junctures for the business, including the arrival of a new senior leader, a change in business strategy, and succession planning for the CEO and other top team positions.


It is important to maintain a close eye on the performance of an investment portfolio, especially in today’s volatile and fast moving environment. Pavilion will maintain detailed records of a client’s investment account activities and provide comprehensive reporting of performance and activity compared to appropriate benchmarks and peer groups. Our team assist you in selecting metrics for measuring performance against business or investment objectives that can help to meet the measurement needs of a company’s stakeholders, and can enable you to create processes that allow comparisons to peer organizations or non-peer, best-in-class operations.

We support you with:       

  •     Optimal organizational structures and processes to support the future state
  •     Unique insights into the organization while embedding leadership capability
  •     Quantitative and qualitative interpretation of performance and building compensation hierarchy

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