Impact Investing

Impact Investing

Impact investment is a style of investing that is gaining traction among philanthropists and capitalists alike. What this means in practical terms is the application of capital and market based incentives to advance enterprises which will make the world a better place... 

This is an effective way of addressing social or environmental challenges while generating financial returns. It is a win-win proposition for investors and society. The most exciting businesses today are the ones that improve the planet while making a financial return for the entrepreneurs who drive them and the risk takers who provide capital to fuel them.

    This conscious capitalism is being put to work in areas such as: alternative energy, healthcare, accessible communications, new models of affordable housing, educational services, improving agricultural output in the developing world, banking and finance for the underserved, sanitation, transportation, and finding profitable ways to clean up the environment, from tire dumps to clogged rivers to the air we breathe.

    Ahmadoff wealth advisors can help you explore new and innovative ways of creating lasting positive change by exploring the avenues that suit your individual profile and targeting the goals that are important to you.


Through our extensive network and experience of investing in impact projects, we can find specific deals to meet your objectives. This is covered by a four-step process: a) we source the deal using our local network and presence; b) we evaluate the deal by doing a viability analysis that includes things like the type of teams the investment will attract and its long-term prospects; c) we negotiate with the relevant parties to ensure the profitability and sustainability of the deal; d) we facilitate and execute the impact deal.


Ahmadoff wealth advisors evaluate different projects such as property and real assets, renewable energy, education and health services in both mainstream and underserved markets. When assessing investment opportunities, our wealth consultants consider both the investment’s prospects for a healthy return and its social and environmental intention. We assess the expertise of the managers and teams behind an asset or service, and any return or risk hurdles. We compare prospective returns with similar investments, analyse the entity’s track record and competitive advantage, and identify and optimise financing mechanisms.


We offer guidance on how to customize the learning questions to your impact program portfolio and develop relevant assessment metrics, or indicators. We also suggest how to factor your individual values and priorities into the assessment plan and address practical considerations like cost. Based on these choices, we help you think about customizing your assessment options by providing the full universe of options for assessment design, data collection, and data analysis.

We support you with:

  • Sourcing and originating the impact projects;
  • Analyze and valuation of the investment case;
  • Assessment of social and financial returns of the impact deal and portfolio

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