Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is a serious issue for our customers, as risks are associated with investing, even for simple products such as bank accounts, deposits, cash currency etc. Our employees will help you to provide safety of your investments by means of the maximum control of risk at all levels of work. 

Effective risk management is essential to long-term growth and profitability. We work closely with you to identify and strategically manage risks associated with credit, liquidity and market risks including, currency rate fluctuations, interest rates, commodity prices, and equity prices...  

We have compulsory obligation to inform our customer about all possible risks as well as we know in the cases of changing appetite towards risk; investing funds in various financial instruments, companies, jurisdictions, etc.; changes in risk parameters of assets in which customer funds are invested; changes in risk management policy relevant to customer funds. 

Our risk advisory services combine in-depth industry experience, a collaborative, risk-based approach and flexible options — all designed to minimize risk without stifling legitimate growth opportunities.


Every business has a certain level of financial risks, including credit risks, interest rate risks in the market and currency risks, it might become more complex by adding liquidity concerns. Ahmadoff wealth consultants advise clients how to measure risk size and hedge the open positions to protect the business value. Uncertainty over currency and commodity price fluctuations makes wealthy individuals to rethink their financial risk positions both in investment portfolio and in their private business. We are assisting to depict overall picture of risk situation to the business and solutions to cope.


Ahmadoff’s operational risk advisory team can assist your organization in developing a risk assessment methodology in order to identify high risk areas and suggest internal audit coverage based on your risk profile. Our team combines extensive experience in, internal controls, operational risk management, regulatory compliance and computer technology to provide organizations with a full range of control and risk advisory services including internal audit, risk assessment facilitation, information technology audit and attest services, compliance reviews, policy and procedure evaluation/development, and agreed-upon procedures engagements. We provide outsourced/co-sourced internal audit services to evaluate the internal controls of entities and also investment management system and make recommendations to improve the overall state of internal controls and process efficiency.


Risk culture and safety cultures are a central issue for firms within all industries, with high profile cases of excessive risk taking or the bad behaviour of employees in many different sectors making headlines. In financial services this is one of the factors behind the crisis, but has also surfaced even more damagingly post-crisis in the form of conduct scandals such as LIBOR and various mis-selling cases. We advise our clients to build risk management systems by focusing on risk transparency, forward looking reporting, distribution of risk taking roles and responsibilities and limiting appetite.

We support you with:

  • Identification of customer risk profile prior to investing;
  • Prepare Risk Strategy for private investors;
  • Receivables and money collection support;
  • Individually prepared hedging instruments; 
  • Liquidity, currency and interest rate risk management
  • Crisis Management advisory, including negotiations with third parties;
  • Strict adherence to the customer risk profile when investment portfolio is formed
  • Regular monitoring of customer positions to reveal any possible changes in risk parameters.

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