Capital structuring

Capital structuring

Wealthy individuals often face demanding financial decisions and situations requiring expertise that's outside the realm of their internal resources–resources that may already be stretched thin. Maybe you're acquiring a target or integrating an acquisition, thinking of going public, facing a lawsuit, or restructuring to better position your  organization for changing market conditions. 

Perhaps you need financial reporting or process improvement help or access to more of your cash to help grow the business. We conduct a financial analysis of both you and your affiliated businesss' financial situation, its market, and its future outlook, as well as helping you to understand the nature of the difficulties and their level of importance. Our extensive experience in developing asset and business forecasts, and assessing a company’s value and viability in light of industry trends and global market conditions, enhances the value of our transaction opinions (such as fairness, solvency and collateral valuation opinions), financial opinions (such as purchase price allocation, goodwill impairment and fund portfolio valuation opinions), tax-related opinions, financial and strategic analysis, and transaction support services for parties seeking greater insight and comfort than what is often provided by competing firms.


We support our clients on capital structuring and funding transactions in a variety of capacities, specifically tailored to what suits them and their capabilities. Our wealth advisors help to devise implementation strategies and structures to solve complex structural, financial and regulatory demands. Ahmadoff’s debt and capital advisory services would add value to your wealth through helping private investors assess their capital structures and provide insight on available options in the capital markets, leading negotiations and private placement processes for re-financings, growth capital, acquisition financing, and dividend recapitalization and providing assistance to companies that are currently in default and may need help negotiating a resolution with the existing lender(s), raising junior capital, or refinancing existing debt.


Specialists in going-concern, liquidation, fair value, tax, transactional and intellectual property valuations, Ahmadoff wealth advisors provide thorough, defensible valuation reports and expert testimony. Not only do we have broad industry experience; we specialize in knowing the market conditions critical to valuing equities, derivatives, fixed income and intangible assets such as rare diamonds, real estate, intellectual property, antique cars, sport teams etc. We take time to understand and evaluate your underlying business, key assets and industry, then present comprehensive conclusions based on a thorough analysis and backed by years of experience.


Manager selection is a critical step in implementing any investment program. We advise high net worth individuals to hire portfolio managers to act as their agents, and portfolio managers are then expected to perform to the best of their abilities and in the investors’ best interests. During the manager selection process Ahmadoff wealth advisors implement due diligence when selecting portfolio manager not only to identify skillful managers, but also determine the appropriate weights to assign to those managers depending on structure of the portfolio and personal pursued risk goals.

   We support you with:

  • Acquisitions - corporate acquisitions/mergers and acquisitions and management led transactions such as: management buy out (MBO), management buy in (MBI) and buy-in management buy out (BIMBO)
  • Raising funds - selecting the right type of funding (debt, equity or a mix, IPO) and developing an attractive proposition to potential funders
  • Disposals - corporate divestment programs and non-core business disposal (spin-off, carve-out)
  • Valuations - an objective and independent service
  • Manager selection - selection and termination of investment managers, fee bench-marking and design, negotiations

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