India Limited Partners Summit 2017

India Limited Partners Summit 2017
Alternative Investment Funds in Asia: Finding the silver lining in the emerging markets

With a population of over 1.3 billion and almost two-third of it below 35 years, India is a young market with an unmatched potential for growth and consumption. Add to this the government’s commitment to keeping doors open for foreign investors and consistently working towards making India an attractive place for doing business. 

This when juxtaposed with the uncertainty in the world order post Donald Trump's conservative agenda in the US and Britain's decision to exit Europe, and the slowing down of Chinese economy in Asia, makes India look like one of the most attractive destinations globally to make future bets.

What is, however, the sentiment about India on the ground? Are global investors really kicked about the India opportunity? Are they convinced about the strength of the Indian economy and do they believe in its growth and consumption potential?

These and many other pressing issues will be discussed at the India Limited Partners Summit 2017. Presented by News Corp VCCircle, the summit will see India’s leading private equity funds (general partners or GPs), top global and Indian limited partners (LPs), and other major players in the private equity ecosystem gather under one roof to brainstorm the weightiest issues facing the fund managers and their investors in the region.

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