Hyperledger Lisbon Meetup

Ahmadoff is going to organize Hyperledger Lisbon Meetup in Lisbon on 22 May of 2018 in partnership with StartUp Lisbon, where blockchain experts, startup founders, government representatives, business executives and technology specialists will be gathering to discuss business blockchain - Hyperledger.

22 May, 2018

19.00 - WELCOMING KEYNOTE | Miguel Fontes, CEO of StartUp Lisboa

19.10 - DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGIES? | Lou Schillaci, Co-founder and CEO of CloudyBoss

19.35 - EXAMPLES IN REAL LIFE - emanate | Pedro Reis Colaco, Co-founder of Emanate

20.00 - INCREASING ATTENTION FOR BLOCKCHAIN | Rui Teixeira, Founder of Soundbet

20.25 - PUBLIC SECTOR USE-CASES | Paulo Inacio, Founder of WaterViva

20.45 - THE NEXT MEETUP | Fakhri Ahmadov, Founder & Managing Director, Ahmadoff

21.00 - Closing

Here is the LINK to the event page. 

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