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With proud, we  could say about  positive changes of our clients' feelings after our relations  in accordance to past experience. Our serving area covers clients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, China, Malaysia, Qatar, etc.


The company is focused to serve clients as an integrated wealth manager with keeping strong ties their lifestyle satisfaction. We are assisting our individual customers and their family from youth up to maturity in the most decisive cases.


Service range includes business planning, inheritance management, investing, insurance, retirement planning, transfer strategies, loyalty analysis of relatives, friends and family members, migration issues and other many types of needs that, almost every individual faces them.


Our team is a group of highly educated and experienced professionals come from different countries of world  with their intercultural  knowledge base, which could give a satisfaction not only in results, also in wealth management process. Individual approach of consultants to each case of clients is an indicator of quality in our services. We understand your needs better in regard to our deep experience in emerging markets.

Asset Expertise

This direction is aimed to develop and structure business portfolio and operations by dealing with human resources, asset types, risk positions and country guidelines.

Wealth Planning

We are dedicated to design a personalized wealth structuring and distribution strategy based on the expectations, risk propensity, and time horizon of the individual.

Family office

Our team is offering a detailed description of the individual's or the family's life goals integrated to the multi-generational wealth where horizon of thoughts covers both wealth and health in the historic context also.

Story About US

Ahmadoff is a newly established wealth advisory firm that strives to provide solutions that create lasting value for our customers in which we advise and society at large. The firm was founded in 2015 by a group of bankers. Currently our London office is serving for you. In the next years we plan to open our offices in Dubai and Hong Kong. Our vision is to create a firm that put clients’ needs first, that is independent and conflict-free, adhered to the highest ethical standards.

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Family/business succession issues
Potential increase in wealth taxes
Increased scrutiny of wealthy by government
Cybercrime and online privacy

Contact to Your Wealth Advisor

Wealthy people may need to call on professionals to take care of aspects that they are too busy to handle themselves or where they lack the relevant expertise. We are those professionals - engaged to help your future in bringing together world class experts and strategists, along with other appropriate resources, to inspire you to live your life with passion, productivity, profitability, and purpose.

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